BTO employs a strategic transformation framework that supports UCLA departments and organizations in their goals of enhancing their performance, improving how they serve their customers, and enabling continuous advancements over time.

The BTO serves as an internal business advisory organization, providing consulting services to the UCLA campus.

The BTO supports the planning and governance of business transformation initiatives, collaborating with organizations across UCLA to assess business process efficiency, operational performance and environmental factors to identify opportunities for improvement. Offering a breadth and depth of professional services, BTO leverages skilled professionals who work with campus organizations to design and implement integrated solutions to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness. BTO-focused initiatives employ modern platforms designed to enable continuous improvement, leverage transformative capabilities, and deliver sustained change for UCLA long term.


Strategy, Goals, and Values

BTO's 3-5 Year Strategy

The BTO’s multi-year plan will result in:

  • Faculty having the tools they need to adjust to rapidly changing educational environments;
  • Students having the solutions required to optimize remote and digital learning, manage their finances and records processes;
  • Staff having the platforms, tools, and data-driven insights to ensure operational excellence and improved process efficiencies


Our Goals

Modernize UCLA’s Platforms 

Our dedication to spearheading technological advancement with our partners in ITS and transition the campus from legacy software to Cloud/SaaS solutions and platforms - serves to promote continuous digital transformation and scalability, agility, operational efficiency, continuous improvement, sustainable change, and cost savings.

Reimagine Business Processes with Digital Transformation 

We are focused on increasing UCLA’s digital benchmark by leveraging the digital transformation capabilities offered by modern SaaS/Cloud platforms. This will ultimately empower campus users through added mobile and portal/web capabilities, improved automation and operational efficiency, and more scalability, cost-effectiveness, and better customer service.

Provide Continuous Improvement and Sustainable Change 

We strive for excellence and innovation in our quest to develop compliant, secure, and scalable strategies that allow for continuous improvement and sustainable change for the campus, long term.

Optimize Data Analytics, Business Intelligence & UCLA’s Data Strategy 

Our commitment to building a “single source” of data for UCLA will help improve decision making at all levels across the campus. This “single source” of data will enable campus users to leverage data science to make decisions, reduce duplication of services and software and drive performance, increased transparency, and improved efficiency.


Our Values

Collaboration: We believe our expertise is only one part of the solution – collaboration is key. Every organization brings its own deep and relevant experience to the table. Successful transformation requires there is a seat for everyone at the table.

Integrity: We meet our commitments and stand by the quality of our deliverables. We hold ourselves accountable for promised delivery and driving operational advancement in UCLA’s complex and distributed business environment.

Excellence: We deliver long-term, measurable success. This means our systems deliver continuous improvement and are sustainable in the face of changing business needs and future growth.

Respect: We embrace our responsibility to represent UCLA with the highest regard, maintaining the dignity and respect of the University, its students, faculty, and staff in all the work we do.

Accountability: We work to deliver world-class outcomes by building trust and bearing the organizational responsibility to execute initiatives at the highest level. We believe building trust is key to delivering world-class outcomes.

Service: We are committed to delivering solutions that bring long-term sustainability and have a positive impact on the broader UCLA community.


Established the UCLA Business Process Optimization COE
  • For true Business Transformation to occur, we recognized the critical intersection points of People, Process & Technology that drive meaningful change and optimize business value. 
  • Most importantly, the integral connection and interplay between the People (the Change Management piece) and Process elements are the linchpin.  That is developing value-generation and optimization of resources through the development and continual refinement of Business Process. 
  • Established BTO’s best practice Transformation methodology consists of 5 iterative phases: Immerse  --> Imagine--> Iterate --> Deliver --> Improve. 
  • Trained BTO staff in Design Thinking and Agile methodologies to enable operational staff to optimize business processes across campus. 
  • Implemented user friendly, best-in-breed process software, Promapp, for enhanced collaboration and document control for business process optimization.