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The BTO will transform UCLA’s financial systems by implementing the Oracle Finance SaaS solution, transitioning from our current 1980's mainframe financial system to best-in-class.  The outcome will result in a fully integrated, modern SaaS/ERP solution resulting in operational improvement, robust reporting capabilities, a “single source of truth” for financial data, improved cost-effectiveness, and continuous improvement and sustainable change long-term.

What Is Ascend

UCLA’s current administrative financial systems were developed in the 1980s on a mainframe platform. These systems have struggled to keep up with the growing needs of the University’s complex business landscape and technical infrastructure. In order to achieve increased efficiencies, streamlined business processes, effective reporting, and to meet regulatory requirements, UCLA has decided to implement the Oracle Cloud suite of enterprise applications. The adoption of the new system will ensure that the culture of innovation, efficiency, and data-driven decisions continues.

Benefits to UCLA

Success is measurable. The project team believes that achieving the following goals will signify a successful implementation, empowering UCLA to meet the challenges of 21st century higher education and to take on new projects to promote the University's growth.

  • The new system will allow UCLA to support strategic decision-making
  • Implementing Oracle Financials Cloud will help UCLA improve productivity 
  • The new system will be a cost-effective addition to UCLA's portfolio of technology
  • The new system will provide mobility and self-service capabilities
  •  it will be supported by a scalable system
  • The new system will ensure that a high quality of data guides current and future endeavors


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