Project Facilitation and Change Management

As part of BTO’s strategic goal to help organizations become more operationally efficient and improve service to customers, BTO employs knowledgeable and skilled resources, along with and proven methods to provide strategic project facilitation and change management services for our clients. These services help organizations meet their program goals.

Project Facilitation and Change Management Services include:

  • Group Process Facilitation.  The methodology of designing and running productive working sessions focused on delivering optimized processes, skilled and experienced BTO practitioners provide targeted workshops sessions aimed at building efficiency and operational effectiveness across organizations.
  • Change Management. Using an approach to transitioning individuals, teams, and organizations to a desired future state in order to maximize acceptance of the changes involved. Change management includes activities such as training; department or community readiness; communication; transition management, the act of preparing staff to adopt new roles, documenting new procedures and processes; and setting clear steps for how to implement change at the individual level.