Learning Management System (LMS)

Students at computer

The UCLA LMS (Learning Management System) initiative will unify the campus on the leading learning management solution - Canvas

As the central piece of the learning platform, Canvas provides UCLA faculty, students, and staff with streamlined web and mobile-enabled capabilities to efficiently create, teach, learn, and perform face-to-face and remote instruction. By integrating a robust catalog of third-party, cloud-based tools and services, Canvas increases our ability to use best-of-breed instructional software and simplify the creation and delivery of accessible content for our community members with disabilities.

Canvas versatility also opens the door for additional facilitation with learning programs offered by Campus Human Resources and Environmental Health and Safety, which would further benefit all of the UCLA community.

This high-impact project allows UCLA to share experiences and co-develop courses, programs, and technologies with other UC campuses, most of whom have already moved to Canvas. In addition, Canvas has been adopted not only by California's Community College District but by many K-12 districts, easing the transition for transfer students and incoming freshmen to UCLA. This initiative puts UCLA at the heart of the entire California higher education landscape, where Canvas is the preferred learning platform.

Finally, many of UCLA's information technology systems date back to the 1980s, when mainframe computers were the norm. The LMS project is an essential first step towards upgrading and modernizing the campus technology infrastructure with a unified enterprise platform to improve data, increase functionality, and enhance user support. Our dedication to spearheading technological advancement and transition the campus from legacy software to SaaS solutions and platforms serves to promote continuous digital transformation and improvement, operational efficiency, and cost savings.