BTO Transformation Model


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How Business Transformation Work


BTO employs a strategic transformation framework that supports UCLA departments and organizations in their goals of enhancing their performance, improving how they serve their customers, and enabling continuous advancements over time. Our approach is not about a rigid, specific structure, but rather a transformational mindset that optimizes how people, process, and technology interact to address critical business issues.


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Our goal is to immerse ourselves in your business - walk in your shoes, empathize with your challenges, and discover opportunities by your side.
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As we deliver, we collaborate with you on the execution of change management, training, and operational support.

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Your expertise in your business and our expertise in transformation converge in the process of creating a proof of concept through imagination and visualization.

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Continuous improvement is part of our design, from platform updates to proactive support to ensure optimization.


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Iteration brings the solution to life as we work with you through a proven process of building, testing, and refinement of Prototypes.

The BTO Difference: By UCLA, For UCLA, We Are UCLA

  • UCLA is our only client and we have experience navigating UCLA’s large, complex, and decentralized infrastructure and unique culture.
  • We are looking for the best solution for UCLA, just like you.
  • We offer the best of both worlds – an external perspective from a UCLA department.
  • We aren’t going anywhere after a project is completed and we will follow up to ensure your transformation results in tangible benefits.