The BTO collaborated with Human Resources and Payroll to sunset the PPS mainframe system for the more modern PeopleSoft solution (UCPath). This implementation improved automation, operational efficiency, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.

What Is UC Payroll, Academic Personnel, Timekeeping & Human Resources (UCPath)?

UCPath introduces new, modern technology on the PeopleSoft platform that integrates and aligns payroll, benefits, and transaction processing across the UC system. All UCLA Faculty and Staff have access to the UCPath portal, where they can view their personal job data and payroll information, sign up for Direct Deposit, update tax withholdings, view/enroll in benefits, view vacation and sick leave balances, and more. Faculty and Staff will also benefit from the UCPath Center, the shared services hub which provides dedicated and responsive customer service support.

UCLA deployed UCPath on September 23, 2018, partnering with UC Santa Barbara as part of the UCLA/UCSB Pilot implementation, joining the Office of the President, which launched UCPath in 2015, and our sister campuses — Merced, Riverside, and ASUCLA.

Benefits to UCLA

  • Offers integrated, connected technology
  • Centralizes payroll and HR transactions
  • Automates many manual calculations and  processes, reducing errors
  • Provides new, expanded functionality
  • Scalable to support future growth
  • Helps us achieve administrative excellence